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No More Price or Turnaround Worries!

turnaround time

At ColorFX Price Satisfaction has real meaning. Since each customer has different needs, it seems unlikely that everyone could be satisfied with exactly the same Price. Our main goal at ColorFX is to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that every one of our customers and end user is completely satisfied each and every time we are trusted with printing projects. From our own marketing department and sales staff, to production, administration and management we have made a commitment to make your online printing a source of pride for you. Continue Reading…

Turnaround Time

Time For Feedback

turnaround time

Turnaround noun – 1: the total time consumed between receiving and finishing or processing any production project.

It doesn’t take long after working with ColorFX for worries about turnaround time to take a back seat.  We know that our customers often have tight schedules with their own clients. If we don’t deliver when we say we will, it reaches all the way to the end user who becomes inconvenienced, disappointed and can at times question their decisions about which vendor to use. At ColorFX we are there for you with determination and full understanding that on time is the only option. Take advantage of the turnaround time choices we make available so you can meet every deadline with confidence. Continue Reading…

A Note About Turnaround Time

At ColorFX, we know that our customers have tight schedules and need their printing done fast. Delivering your projects on time, on budget, and correctly is our top priority. Depending on your needs, we can complete your project by the end of the next business day. ColorFX offers several turn-time options for our customers:  Next Day Priority; 2-4 day; and 4-6 day.

Next Day Priority is ideal for customers that have critical deadlines. When approval to print is received by 10:00 AM, ColorFX commits to completing your project by 4:00 PM the next business day. For customers that have a little more breathing room with their projects, the 2-4 day service or the 4-6 day service may be optimal. As an added service, ColorFX also offers delivery options for all print orders. Just let us know if you would like your project delivered. We have both next day air and ground delivery options available. As the holiday season approaches, please keep in mind that turnaround time will need to be extended by an extra day. Our range of choices give our customers exactly what they need to meet their deadlines.

Why Digital Printing

Digital Print on 80# Uncoated Cover *

Offset Print on 80# Uncoated Cover *

* Images above were scanned in equal conditions using the same scanner. No enhancements or alterations where made to the images.

The demand for shorter print runs, quick turnaround and personalization capabilities are growing everyday. Whether your a Designer or Printer, a small or large business, we all have to adapt. The best solution to accommodate this demand is Digital Printing. Digital printing can provide the flexibility in quantity and turnaround without compromising quality and price. Unfortunately there are a few people skeptical about going this route.

For some people, there is perception that digital printing doesn’t meet professional image quality standards. Some still believe that it doesn’t measure up to offset printing. It’s true that current color copiers and smaller digital printers cannot achieve offset quality but Digital Presses like the I-Gen 4 are in a league of their own. The technological advancements in this machine make it comparable and sometimes an even better choice than offset printing for certain projects.

Test comparisons have shown that digital quality can equally match and in some cases exceed offset quality. Most people can’t even notice the difference. Not only can digital printing produce high quality print but it can also achieve a wide spectrum of colors like offset printing.

Another big advantage with digital printing is quantity and turn a turnaround time. With digital printing any quantity is possible, there are no restrictions whatsoever. Because there is less set up time needed with digital printing, a job can be produced and completed quickly.

Digital Printing is especially cost effective when printing shorter runs because you don’t have waste paper from the set up like you would for offset printing. Proofs are also less expensive for the same reason and because a digital proof can be printed right away, you know exactly what you are going to get.

The range of materials for digital printing have increased. Paper manufacturers have developed more paper stocks and substrates for the growing demand of digital printing. These papers and substrates can now withstand the heat and pressure of digital printers. In conjunction, digital presses like the I-Gen 4 are now capable of printing an array of coated and uncoated papers from light to heavy stocks up to 18pt Stock.

Case Closed

From image quality to print costs…from substrate availability to variable data…from quantity to turnaround, we’re debunking the misconception about digital printing, so you can help your clients achieve incredible results-effectively and affordably. Contact ColorFX, Inc. and the truth will set you (and your most important marketing initiatives) free.