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How to Maximize Your Door Hanger Campaign

door hangerDoor hangers can be a very effective way to help reel in more customers if executed properly.  Using door hangers as a marketing technique is a form of interruption marketing and is very different than sending something like a postcard in the mail. Think about it for a second, postcards are delivered to the potential customer’s mailbox. They already expect to receive their regular mail and different forms of advertisement in their mailbox.  If there’s a postcard in the mailbox they are probably not going to be surprised at all.  However, door hangers are completely the opposite.  When someone is walking into their house they are doing just that, walking.  They are not expecting to see an advertisement hung from their door and we are trying to interrupt what they are doing and make them pay attention to our ads.  They might pick up the door hanger and look at it, not look at it but bring into their house, or not look at it and throw it away.  This is why the design of the door hanger plays a crucial role in an effective door hanger campaign. Continue Reading…