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Three Ideas of Calendar Printing

Are you a part of a church or a non-profit organization? One way to bolster awareness of your cause, raise money for your organization, and stay in touch with your donors is to print an annual calendar. Here are three suggestions for calendar printing and calendar design for non-profit organizations.

1. Decide what type of calendar you want to print.

There are a number of different ways to print a calendar. For example, you might want to print a one-year calendar on a 6” x 9” or 8.5” x 5.5” postcard. These are convenient because you can print a calendar on one side and print mailing information and your message on the other side. You can print these in large quantities because they are inexpensive to produce, then you can easily mail them to your donor list.

On the other hand, you might want to print something larger that members or donors will want to post on their fridge or wall. You could print an annual calendar on an 11” x 17” sheet of paper, like a large poster. Alternatively, you could print a more traditional, 12-month wall calendar. This is by far the nicest type of calendar, but it’s also the most expensive to produce.

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Big Saving at Colorfxweb.com

Do you need to print a short run of catalogs? Are you driving traffic to your store with Every Door Direct Mailer? Do you need help?
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2016 Election Special

Save 15% on EDDM & Brochures on single order of $200.Also save 15% on Banners at Colorfxweb.com.
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Wholesale Printing – ColorFx Promise

-Award wining quality prints with your every jobs.
-Price match guarantee with 3% discounts
-Free Shipping to CA,AZ, NV & UT*

(*Some restrictions may apply)
Every customer is different and each has needs the can be uncovered, understood and acted on. Everyone in our organization knows that this attitude is what sets us apart from the competition and what makes fulfilling your printing jobs such a worthwhile experience. We know that there are so many wholesale printers out there and we do appreciate your support giving us the opportunity to serve your needs.


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Save 12% on Catalogs, Door Hangers & Flyers at Colorfxweb.com

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Why Advertise With Brochures

There’s only so much in your company’s advertising budget, and you’re trying to decide whether or not to print brochures. Here’s some information that may convince you brochures are a good investment, especially if you use a wholesale print company.

Whereas a business card is like a handshake, a brochure is more like a chat over coffee in which your potential customer learns key information that could very well draw them in for a sale.

In our world of quick electronic exchange of massive amounts of data, you may wonder if brochures are a comparative relic. They’re not an outdated form of advertisement; far from it. Human perception is still human perception, and there are elements about a brochure that can’t be achieved with a blip on a computer screen. People still lend credibility to a company that has made the investment of preparing an eye-pleasing, informative brochure.

One of the most important elements of a brochure is the expertise with which information is conveyed. Some important things to strive for:

Connect with your target audience
Grab their interest
Compel readers to act quickly

An effective brochure communicates succinctly. Don’t be too wordy. Share enough information that potential customers are confident in your expertise. Don’t put everything in the brochure; leave them wanting to know more.

The appearance and feel of the brochure are almost as important as what’s inside. You’ll get more for your money with discount printing or wholesale printing.

Also of great importance is to focus the contents of a brochure on one particular target audience as opposed to having a brochure with a scattered message that serves multiple purposes.

A brochure is an excellent advertising investment. The secret is to know your target audience and follow sound principles of preparing an effective brochure.

Broch_Fam copy

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Offer Newsletter Printing As A New Service

Brochure printing can lead to large quantities of print work, especially when you are servicing a large company. You may have had to turn away work, in the past, because you didn’t have the facilities to do the job. This should never be a concern for a printing company, because there are so many online printing services capable of handling these large orders.

You can take the orders for the brochure printing and never have to worry about physically printing the brochures. In fact, you can even offer sales and discounts for brochure printing, from time to time, because you order them and the customer has no idea for what price you are getting them. When companies order brochure printing, they usually order large amounts. They do this because they hand out brochures to customers and potential customers. They might even stock them at different places so they can advertise to people who frequent those places. Don’t let a small facility and a lack of printing supplies prevent you from taking on these profitable orders.

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Get Your New Year Calendars from Colorfxweb.com

With 2017 quickly approaching, the season of trying to figure out the perfect New Year’s Resolution is upon us. One popular goal that people make for themselves is to get organized. The big key to becoming a more organized person is to have the right set of tools in front of you. For individuals who find that their lives feel scattered and all over the place, one organization tool that is absolutely essential is the calendar.
Check our our new low prices on calendars for 8.5×11 24 pages-

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Save 12% on Postcards and EDDM for orders over $100 at Colorfxweb.com

Marked by their simple effectiveness and affordability, postcards have carved their own niche in the world of marketing with a number of valuable applications. First, they allow you to hone your target demographics to a specific, usable cross-section of what is first a looming amount of data. Next, Postcard Printing establishes an instant connection with prospective clients and customers because postcards aren’t hidden or encumbered by envelopes like their direct mail counterparts. These benefits, however, will only befall the marketing entity that knows how to effectively market their products and services on a postcard. Without a definitive direction, specificity, and a powerful image, it is very difficult even for postcards to avoid the waste bin.

Before diving into the tonal elements of the picture itself, you must first establish a definitive direction. This is based on the reaction that you want your postcard to have on the consumer and as such should act as a guide for the rest of the decisions involved in production of every aspect of your marketing message. Whatever your exact approach is, the general goal is that the consumer is intimately acquainted with your brand or brands, and will contact you or physically come to your store.

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